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About President


Shri Samir S Somaiya, Industrialist, Chairman and Managing Director of Somaiya Group. He is the President of Shri Sharda English Medium School, Kopargaon.


He has taken his family’s Sugar & Chemical Industry to a great height. Besides his business, he has also expanded the educational institutions under SOMAIYA VIDYAVIHAR TRUST. He is very much concerned of the value based education and puts his efforts to educate & develop the rural society. He innovates new methods to provide good and quality education for rural area children and the down trodden to transform lives through the gift of education.


Shri Samir S Somaiya has contributed immensely to the betterment of the rural community in the neighbouring areas of his industrial units. He has promoted many projects like “Help A Child”, "Free Medical Camp", etc which supports the education of about 2000 children from poor families and families of first generation learners and providing free medical aids to rural people.


Shri Samir S Somaiya is carrying forward the noble legacy of his grandfather and father.

Shri Samir S Somaiya
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